• Rhode Island & Connecticut •

Jeal Breckenridge has designed and built luxury tree houses. His first such tree house (Lothlorienwoods.com) is  located within a vast secluded timber forest in Washington state- is directly across the mighty Columbia River (and national scenic area- The Gorge) and from the windsurfing/kiteboarding/skiing town of Hood River,Oregon. Tho Jeal sold it in 2004, it continues to be a tourist destination for a once in a lifetime experience. Lothlorienwoods HideAway has a jacuzzi, bar, reading and music library, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, kitchen sink, spiral stairs, toilet, shower, vanity/sink and mahogany lined romantic sunken master suite . There's a view from 40' up in the air of the year round snow capped Mt. Adams. There's even a chairlift seat swing suspended between tall pines. Adorned with varnished rustic logs, wildlife knick-knacks and cabin decor the treehouse entices people worldwide to travel to, stay, honeymoon, compose music, write books and get away from the hustle of city and town life. His creation has been featured in countless travel magazines, newspapers, television specials and in a coffee table book written by the nature channels Treehouse Master Pete Nelson- who stayed at Lothlorienwoods and loved it. In fact; Pete's advice and appreciation of Jeal's craftsmanship and ingenuity has inspired Jeal to build more !