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  • Mission Statement

    Lothlorien Woods Academy is an alternative teaching system designed to excel and specialize in life skills while focusing on the recognition of each student's unique aptitude. Our vision will encompass a semi-self sustaining campus that is visually appeasing topographically, utiliziling wind/solar/geothermal energy and is conducive to environmentally green and off grid building practices. Our educational environment would attain self-sufficiency by the growth and processing of some of our own food.
  • Curriculum

    Our growing curriculum includes... Compassion- dealing with adverse situations, difficult personalities, etc., Reading Skills and Literature, First Responder-how to help minimize damage and perform triage in any serious accident and life threatening situation, Creative Cooking- mastering inventive cookery using what is readily available and unique application of spices and cleaning as you cook, Hunting/Fishing/Scouting skills, Overview of modern religions, Music/Stage etiquette, Vanderbilt's Etiquette-basic introduction, Sailing. Boating etiquette, The Golden Rule, how it encompasses the Ten Commandments and the 12 steps, How to win friends and influence people, Sexual Etiquette and dating in the millennium, and more...  
  • Building Futures

    By focusing and building a passion based upon each student's interests, inherent vocation, and building self esteem - we begin to climb out of the restrictive box and start creating a new way of thought. 
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Lifeskills Academy

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