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  • Ted A. - Avies Ski & Sports - Jeal has been a customer and friend for over 30 years. Breckenridge Builders has done all my remodeling, custom cabinetry, special woodworking projects and all other carpentry needs in both my store and within my home. As a loyal customer and ski instructor he periodically chaperones Avies sponsored ski bus trips from Westerly and the Mohegan Sun to various New England ski resorts. His years of ski instruction, high levels of certification, and teaching skills benefits dozens of my skiing cliental. Jeal's reputation and loyalty has earned an open line of credit at my store.
  • Gene B. - Craftsman / Historical Preservation / Estate Management at Independent Working with Jeal, was and is a look forward to as his craftsmanship and competence is unique with a un matched business acumen to boot. Also his CMajor piano boogie is a mandatory for listening.
  • Theodora R. - Co-Owner at Shred Threads Jeal has done many projects in our home and for our business. From installing French Doors to building custom deck features. We appreciated his creative flair and his attention to detail.
  • Arthur K - Owner at PARCEL CENTER, INC. I hired Jeal to install a new door at my business. The door was to replace a 3 foot wide door with a 4 foot wide door. The business property is not mine, so I needed landlord approval to entertain this project. When completed, I needed to be able to assure my landlord the his property would be taken care of, and other than the size being bigger, it would hardly be noticeable. So I decided on Jeal to handle this for me as I have always known him to pay attention to detail, and I could trust him. When completed, the job was handled perfectly. Additional add-ons was within $100.00 from his quote, the attention to detail was amazing, like fitting in trim work, making the door look as if it was part of this brick building. He was very creative in doing so, and even when the landlord came by to check on the project, he was very pleased. I would highly recommend Jeal for any construction project. Plus, his dog is a beauty, and it was a pleasure to have her in my store as well.
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